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What’s the explosive beauty trend that’s got everyone nourished head to toe?

Bath bombs!

Whether you’re looking for adding a bit of calm to your bath, or a quick way to nourish your skin, bath bombs are the relaxing and easy way to luxe-up your bath routine. And here with Herbale, we’ve got you (literally) covered… naturally!

Let’s talk benefits:

· Bath bombs provide an easy and convenient way to soak up skin nourishing emollients and softeners that have been released into your bath water. Your skin is instantly left softer and moisturised.

· Extra squeaky clean, bath bombs help to keep skin fresh and cleansed.

· The scents used in bath bombs are a soothing way to relax your mind and body, leaving you calm and de-stressed.

At Herbale we use natural, vegan friendly ingredients and take extra care in making sure even the most sensitive skin types can enjoy a relaxing pamper.

Easy to use:

First put your bath bomb in the bath and then simply add water and wait as your bathroom fills with the gorgeous scent of your chosen bath bomb. Once out of the bath, follow with Herbale Lotion Bars.

Which scent should you choose?

If It’s energising bursts of fragrance you like, why not try Grapefruit, or Orange? If you’re a sucker for anything sweet, Strawberry or Candy Floss might be the ones for you. You can keep calm with Aloe & Cucumber or Nag Champa. Or if you prefer not to have a scent, go Naked!

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