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Healthy Hygiene Habits

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Why Hygiene Habits are Important

During the Coronavirus pandemic it has become very important to maintain a healthy hygiene habit within the family home and out and about, even if it is to do your shopping in lockdown.

Though everyone is rushing around to change their hygiene habits we must remember that once we had been told good hygiene from our parents, their parents, teachers, scout leaders and so on, but as we get older we spend less time on washing our hands as we are in a hurry to get the kids off to school and it will be ok if I shake and go when I visit the toilet rather than drying our hand completely with a towel or a hand dryer.

As an adult we are in charge of our habits and it is down to us to make a change rather than having someone nudge us to eat our greens or you don’t get desert, or to exercise every day to maintain a healthy life style and so on, but as adults we fall into bad habits and say to ourselves that cake we ate for lunch wouldn’t make us put on weight, or this glass of wine will be the last tonight but isn’t.

Now that we realise that our habits need to change to improve our health, everyone is changing their habits which should have been in place, but we all are culprits to have let slip.

So, what can we do to Reduce the Spread of Germs and Improve our Health and Others?

To minimise the spread of germs we must follow some basic rules, but we all know that these rules may sound simple and silly, but if we change our mind set and think to ourselves that it is important to maintain health hygiene habits and not just for ourselves but also to protect our loved ones and others.

Washing your hands regularly for 20 seconds;

· Before, during and after food preparation and before eating meals

· Before and after caring for you or someone else who is sick, no matter how server

· After coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose and ensure that sneeze spray goes directly into a tissue and into the bin, or if a tissue is not available to sneeze into your elbow and wash clothes immediately when you get home, if out and about

· After handling or touching bin bag rubbish, outside trash bins and garden waste, mechanics and machinery

· Before and after treating cuts and wounds on yourself and all adults must be reasonable for their own wounds and an adult must wear gloves when treating young or vulnerable people

· After handling pet food or teats, feeding your pet/s, after cleaning up faeces and animal waste

This list can go on and on, but it is important to recognise these habits and build them up and we must not allow ourselves to be discouraged and to slip into old habits with excuses. These are some basic hygiene tips we can all start today and share them with friends and family to help us all have health hygiene habits.

Start today

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