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We reside in the quite relaxing town of Ipswich, in the East of England. Surrounded by beautiful coastline in the heart of Suffolk, we launched in April 2020. As we are a fairly new company we have almost reached every county across the UK were our products have touched the hands of our customers. Reaching across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. In May 2020 we joined Etsy and eBay which we have seen our sales increase in such a short time in a competitive market. Our products currently dominate the eBay marketplace within our field and we decided to open up our Etsy Channel to receive International orders. We receive the majority of overseas orders from USA and our first International order was taken on 28th July 2020. In 2021 we started attending farmers markets and started a business news letter which we welcome other small businesses to advertise to our customers. In January 2022 we joined Patreon for our customers to benefit from exclusive deals. 


Please feel free to visit our social media pages where we share our daily actives, deals, competitions and more. 
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We have a very small but productive team. 


Owner & Founder



Admin & Social Media VA


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Freelance Production Assistant



Temporary Prospect VA Assistant


About Our Products

We have been compared to Lush and have received positive feedback regarding our environmental touch, which we aim to improve on everyday. Our products are handmade with ingredients that are sensitive to those that may have allegiance to popular cosmetic products.  If you want to learn more about how we package items please feel free to visit our Stainability page were we explain more about what we would like to do to be more eco friendly. 

Checkout our Blog on interesting product topics and understanding our methods of best business practices.  


If you have any further questions or queries, please do feel free to read our FAQ's or use our Contact page to ask us any questions.


We look forward to providing you with products that are made with you in mind. 

Thanks again for visiting our About Us page. ​

Have a good day from the Herbale Team! 

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Hebale's Road Map

We want to share with you our road map to success and what our plans are for Herbale's future.  


Upcoming plans on our road map is as follows;

1. We are looking to get 50 Patreons on our Patreon page, so that we can launch a secret store with exclusive deals, products and more.

2. We hope soon we will reach our goal of getting our products in every county across the UK and next onto worldwide. 

3. We are looking to get on the Amazon Marketplace early next year after the Christmas season. 
4.Followed by the Google Marketplace. 

5. We're then looking to get into some local stores across the UK where our products would be suitable. Please contact if you would like your store to be included in our decision. Please get in touch via our Contact page or visit our Stockist page for further information. 

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Current UK Reach

World Map 2022.PNG

Current World Reach

As for features and ideas to explore we hope to get Herbale Skincare into the app marketplace via the App Store and Googleplay, but currently our Herbale Skincare website is mobile optimised for a better customer experience while we grow our company. We want to continue growing a sustainable company that allows us to be more environmentally friendly. It's not always possible in our humble beings but we hope as we grow we can bring these ethics on board and improve where possible. Please do checkout our Stainability page for more information on what we're currently doing to make this happen. 

Use our Contact page if you want to see features and improvements for a better shopping experience by providing us feedback, which we will take into consideration as we grow. You can also use our Pre Order Form to put forward product suggestions. We currently do have a selection of suggested products which we hope to bring on board soon, but please do join our social media pages or our Email List in the mean time to hear the latest updates. 

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If you want to explore the site further to learn more about us and the products we have to offer, please do take a look around. Checkout  our business endeavours around the web and social media, where you will be able to find links to trusted sites where you can shop and see feedback from customers, as well as leaving feedback yourself. We have left some testimonials below but please visited our links around the web to see what our customers say about us. Want to provide us with feedback on our website, submit you feedback by using out Contact page. 


We hope that as we grow we can be charitable with our product either by doing occasional giveaways or by raising money from a particular product and giving it to a charitable cause. Please visit our Patreon page for Charitable contribution we already make. 



Etsy Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Exceptional value bars that are going to become a new staple of my personal wellbeing routines. I bought the sandalwood scent and it has a mature moody aroma that I like very much. ”

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