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Hand packaged Bamboo Pocket Tissues designed for Wedding, Funerals, Baby Showers, Cold and flu's, Hay fever and other tearful moments.


Each tissue is wrapped in wax paper for you to share with those around you that may need one, keeping it clean until they need it for a tearful moment.


These tissues are cruelty free and packaged with stainable packaging. 


Luxury Bamboo Tissues

  • Made From 100% Virgin Bamboo Free from Tissue Dust, Fragrance, Pesticide, Chlorine Bleach & B.P.A. Pulp. 3pc, 3ply, 20.5cm x 20.8cm, total 0.45m2

    Packaging Made from Card, Inner Pocket 15cm x 6cm total 0.9m2  each. Wax Paper & Adhesive Matte Paper.

    Packaging 100% recyclable

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