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Join the Loyalty Club Today! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When you join the Loyalty Club you will be sent an ID number to your email address. Look for your ID number on you account under the Loyalty tab and next to you ID number will be the amount of points you have earned. Please bare in mind that it can take 24/48 hours for your ID number to appear. You can use your points to claim gifts. Click on the appropriate gift you want to claim, fill in you shipping information. Your Loyalty points will be reviewed against the gift you are trying to claim. As long as the details match you will be sent your free gift. If the details do not match you will be sent an email explaining why. 

An ID number is created to protect your identity online.  You can earn points in confidence without having to worry that your name is online. You do also have the option to create a profile where you can choose your own nick name. 

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Here is an image of what it will look like on your account menu.

  • You get 2 points for joining.

  • You can earn a point for every order you place. 

  • You get 2 points for an order over £20. 

How to Join
How to Earn Points
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