Herb Ales

Since the 7th century we have brewed ales as food, as celebration and out of necessity.  Today the drinks industry is huge, the choice isn’t limited to beer, wines or spirits, there’s everything in between and variations on each.

We think the real ales deserve to rise again and have developed ales made with herbs that nods in the direction of the past and shows the way to the future.

Innovative, Sustainable, Herb Ales.

The Original HerbAle Brewing Company Ltd are starting off small to ensure that we develop and deliver a quality product that will be true to our aims to be innovative and sustainable. We have launched Herb Hero the first in our range. If you would like to know more about herb ales or if you would like to become a stockist please do contact us, follow us on Twitter or friend us on Facebook, or if you’re old school call us 07548 051105 to find out what Herb Ales are about and we’ll gladly talk to you.

We love our product and can’t wait to share it with you.  Try before you buy opportunities will be announced on Twitter, Facebook and on the Blog.

We brew with herbs.